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There is a great need for healthy and strong youths in our nation today. Our country needs youths, both males and females, who have the service of the nation at heart, and are prepared to sacrifice their life for their country. Our nation needs youths who follow the path of truth, have good character, are able to control their senses, are intelligent and have complete faith and trust in themselves.

Our country needs, youths who are tough-bodied and strong in every way. It is necessary for the youth to have strong will power, so strong that they can never fail in accomplishing any good deed.

To make the country’s youth strong, wise, intelligent and learned, attention has to be given to many factors. Standard rules have to be followed by them from the time they wake up in the morning to the time when they go to bed. Those who follow these rules, will not only live a life of a hundred years but will enjoy even longer life of happiness and will make their journey of life a success.

Our daily routine should commence every morning before sunrise. A healthy person gets up early in the morning to protect his/her life. Rishis (seers) have instructed that every one should wake up in the morning between four o’clock and before sunrise. After waking up one should think upon himself/herself as well as meditate to God. After this one should think about the diseases in the body, their causes and how to cure them. Thereafter one should study the Vedas or any true religious book.

Each morning is the beginning of human life. At this time one receives the messages of progressing in life, to do something and become useful in this world. Those who are lazy and do not hear this message remain backward. What hope is there for one to progress, when one is lagging behind his/her friends right from the beginning?

Dear youths! Take a moment to think carefully. The morning environment is so wonderful, beautiful and full of sweetness. The lotus blooms in the morning. The birds begin to chirp. There is new life in the whole world. The animals and birds rise very early in the morning. This is the reason why they are never sick. No animal gets a headache or catches a cold.

The moonlight has life energy for us. While the moonlight provides energy to plants it also makes the human body healthy. The early morning air being fresh and nectar-like is sweet and provides life force. Because it has life force, it destroys diseases. Sickly people who cannot sleep all night are able to sleep between four o’ clock and six o’ clock in the morning. During this period their sickness is somewhat reduced. This is why it is called the time of life giving ? Those youths who want a long and healthy life should get up early in the morning.

From all aspects, namely physical health, mental, intellectual and spiritual considerations, it is important to wake up early. At this time nature is generously showering its blessings in terms of health, happiness and intellect. A poet has said it so beautifully-

Between 3am and sunrise, the nature showers a precious wealth. Those who are asleep during this period are the losers while those who are awake are the receivers.

During this time the free flowing air livens the human body with brightness, injects strength and energy in the body. Those who get up early and take a stroll in the morning air, live long and healthy lives. Students who wish to progress physically, mentally and spiritually should get up early in the morning. At this time the most difficult subjects are easily understood. The lessons read in the morning are remembered quickly and not forgotten for a long time.

The future hopes of Fiji! Do you want to become great? If the answer is yes, then take a vow right now, that you will get up early. All the great people of the world used to get up early in the morning.

Do you always want to remain healthy? Do you want long life? If yes, then you must practice getting up early in the morning. A sure method of getting up early in the morning is to instruct your mind before going to bed that you have to wake up at a certain time in the morning. Your mind will definitely wake you up at that time. If this is practised daily then there will come a time when you will rise without the assistance of an alarm clock.

Upon rising meditate on God, pray for wealth, strength and intelligence. Pray that “I will not give any pain and suffering to any living being today. Whatever condition I may be in, I will never bring the feeling of anger, greed, envy and enmity in my mind. I will stand guard upon my mind and will not let any bad feeling enter it. When bad feelings begin to enter my mind then I will scold at them and say:-

O evil thoughts of my mind! O feelings of sin! Get away from me. Why are you giving me dirty ideas? Why are you trying to lead me on the evil path? Get away far from me. I do not want you. Go to the jungles. My mind is busy in controlling my senses and doing household duties.

In this way knowing every second of my life I will try to be more peaceful, sweet and pure compared to yesterday. I will always move forward swiftly towards my objective.”

After meditation and self determination, pay your respects and salutation to your mother, father, the elderly persons, brothers, sisters and friends. Those who serve and respect the senior members receive their blessings in the form of long life, knowledge, fame and strength.

After doing these, one should drink some water. Those who drink water at the time of sunrise, become free from diseases and live for longer than a hundred years. Drinking water in the morning removes constipation. One remains happy. Body heat is reduced. Many diseases such as of the stomach, headache, diseases of the eye, weakness including serious sicknesses due to unbalanced gas, bile and phlegm are destroyed. If the water is very cold during the cold season then it should be slightly heated before drinking it.

So let us take a vow that we will take heed of the above and adopt them in our lives.

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