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Ear-piercing Sacrament or Karn Vedh sanskar is the ninth sacrament which involves the piercing of both the ear lobes. This sacrament is for both boys and girls. The appropriate time for piercing the ears of a child is three or five years from birth. There are two reasons for piercing the ears. Firstly, it is to protect the child from diseases, and secondly, to place ornament in the ears.


On the morning of the day set aside for this sacrament, the child should be bathed and dressed and brought by the mother to the place where yajna is to be performed. The parents should perform Vishesh Yajna. After the yajna, place some items of food and dolls etc. in front of the child to distract the child and then perform the ear-piercing.

The person performing the ear-piercing should pull the ear lobe with his left hand and pierce the ear slowly in the spot - ’Devkrit Chidra’- where the sun rays shine through. This spot is called ‘Devakrit Chidra’ because the thin spot where sun rays shine through has been provided by ‘Dev’ (God) since birth. The piercing should be done only by a person who knows about the nerves of the ears.

The piercing is performed by reciting the two mantras (verses) given in Sanskar Vidhi. The right ear is pierced after reciting the first mantra and the left with the second mantra. Thereafter the person piercing the ears should insert a small wooden piece into the hole so that it does not close up. I f desired, an ornament made of gold may be inserted. Suitable medicine should be applied to avoid pus being formed, and promote early healing.

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