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SANNYAS ASHRAM (Renunciation Stage)

What is Sannyas Ashram?

Sannyas means leaving all worldly attachments, being completely impartial and moving around in this world for the welfare of all and removing unrighteousness while establishing righteousness. One who accepts Sannyas is called a Sannyasi.

Sannyas is the last stage in the four stages of life. Sannyas is the culmination of the objectives and wishes that have been expressed in the last three stages. The objective with which one had commenced life in Brahmacharya(celibacy) Ashram, that objective continues to be gradually fulfilled and is fully achieved in Sannyas Ashram. Sannyas does not mean giving up all types of work. In essence, a Sannyasi is one who detaches oneself from worldly attachments, jealousy, gives up and forgets the feeling of yours and mine, and regards everyone as a family, travels around giving lessons of truth so that peace and happiness continues to dwell in the society.

One should only take up Sannyas when one has lived in Vanprasth Ashram (forestation stage) and removed all vices from oneself.

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