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This is the twelfth sacrament out of the sixteen sacraments. Samavartan sacrament means completion of study and return home of the student. The objective of this sacrament is the advice that is given by the preceptor (teacher) to the student on completion of study, as to how he/she must behave in daily life in this world. It is an indication that the student was ignorant of the worldly knowledge until now. Therefore knowledge is given to him/her in accordance with the religious books as follows:-

Always maintain partnership in all dealings of noble souls. This means that on entering the stage of married life, it is necessary to be very cautious. Keep company of or act in agreement with the advice given by noble male/female souls, so that he/she continues to receive wealth etc and achieves objectives and keeps away from wicked men and women. Because of inexperience, young men and women of today get caught in the net of sinful souls and end up causing harm to themselves. This is the reason why the marriage of so many young men and women ends up in divorce. Learned people working together are successful in doing good work, but is it not the case that so many companies, factories, shops, as well as families and brothers break up because all those working together are not noble souls? Only those persons who love one another and maintain good behaviour can work together. Therefore, a newly married person can only be successful by working together with those persons who have good qualities.

An unmarried young person has to enter into the stage of married life. Therefore the preceptor gives the student important and noble advice that without wealth, good reputation, knowledge, intellect, and good moral conduct, you will never be able to achieve your objective and the only way to receive them is to make good use of them. Their misuse makes them like poison and harmful, whereas with proper usage they prove to be nectar-like. This statement looks simple when stated, but is difficult to follow in married life where the senses have to be put to use in special circumstances. Mind tempting pleasures that give joy to the senses, make the married person, who has acquired wealth and wife, transcend the limits and entangle in disease and suffering. The preceptor gives all these knowledge to the students during samavartan sacrament.

The student from his/her side, states – listen good people! This respected preceptor has done a great service to me, has removed my ignorance and made me a good learned person. In return I sincerely thank and pay respect to my preceptor and pray that just as you have made me happy through the best knowledge, in the same way I will continue to make other students happy and will never forget the good that you have done to me.

Almighty God, with your kind oversight, make me and others who study and teach, as well as the whole world- well behaved, knowledgeable and powerful in body and soul. May we, with long life, good health, hard work and initiative, do service to others and perform good deeds. May we assimilate the qualities, deeds and nature of God into our lives and thus achieve righteousness, wealth, desires and salvation and always remain in happiness and peace.

NB In order to perform Samavartan sacrament, see ‘Sanskar Vidhi’ where the method of performing this sacrament is given together with the mantras.

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